The REXPA management is committed to maintaining the Management System and to communicate this policy to all relevant Interested Parties.


The principles on which this policy is based and that serve as a reference framework for establishing its objectives are the following.


- Maximum transparency with all Interested Parties (customers, suppliers, workers…)
- Fulfillment of all Customers’ Requirements (specifications, plans, timelines, prices…)
- Fulfillment of all Legal Requirements of application (laws, norms, bylaws, directives…)
- Commitment with Continuous Improvement (today we must try to be better than we were yesterday)
- Constantly ensure that the enterprise is viable (without enterprise there is no future)
· Getting consumers to be increasingly satisfied
· Maintaining a sustainable productivity level
· Maximizing the effectiveness of processes trying to exceed initial expectations
· Improving efficiency in achieving objectives

In Santa Perpetua de la Mogoda on May 21, 2021
The Management


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